Global censorship: shifting modes, persisting paradigms

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May 1, 2015

Global censorship: shifting modes, persisting paradigms

In 2014, while on a fellowship with the Yale Law School’s Information Society Project, I was the lead editor for the book Global censorship: shifting modes, persisting paradigms, which was brought out by the A2K Global Academy (Information Society Project, Yale Law School; Access to Knowledge for Development Centre, American University, Cairo; and Instituto de Technologia & Sociedade do Rio).

That book followed from ‘Global Censorship’ conference at Yale in 2012, and was published as the 2nd installment of the Access to Knowledge Research Series. It had contributions from:

Author(s) Country Chapter title
Margot Kaminski & Pranesh Prakash Introductory Framework
Laura DeNardis The Privatization of Free Expression
Anjali Dalal United States of America The Rise of Indirect Censorship
Christina Mulligan United States of America Using Copyright Law to Censor Speech
Caroline Ncube & Eve Gray South Africa & Zimbabwe Silencing Critical Voices
Andrew Rens South Africa Censorship on Demand: Failure of Due Process in ISP Liability and Takedown Procedures
Rebecca Wexler Sri Lanka Censorship through Forensics: Video Evidence in Post-War Crises
Pranesh Prakash India Visible and Invisible Censorship
Hong Xue China E-Commerce Third-Party Platforms as Gatekeepers of Information Flows
Erin Biel Myanmar Bans, Blaming & Buddhist Monks: Censorship Concerns around Myanmar’s Ethno-Religious Violence and Democratic Transition
Mônica Steffen Guise Rosina & Alexandre Pacheco da Silva Brazil Challenges for Freedom of Speech Online
Nagla Rizk Egypt Behind Egypt’s Communication Outage of 2011: Censorship and Economic Liberty



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For attribution, please cite this work as:
Prakash, Pranesh, Nagla Rizk, and Carlos Affonso Souza, eds. 2014. Global Censorship: Shifting Modes, Persisting Paradigms. Access to Knowledge Research Series 2.